Mind Liberator

Bertil Schaart Msc MBA is speaker, author and visionary in the field of

 ​Conscious Leadership​ 

Connecting organisations and people with their strategic sense and purpose.


Bertil inspires to take one’s one responsibility in life and at work. He makes the audience aware of hidden social dogmas that limit thinking and subsequent action.


Author of The Forbidden Word, Your Last 100 Days, The Best Idea for Your Own Company. Currently writing Total Life Control (working title)

Clarity in Crisis

When conventional thinking fails. A powerful and fundamentally different approach to solving business and personal crises.


Bertil applies business thinking on a personal level. By expanding the mental context, issues dissolve and a new possibilities and power open up.

Think, Do, Learn and Grow

Inspiring and practical material about Conscious Leadership, Growth, Philosophy, Business, Purpose and Meaning of Life:

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Bertil Schaart
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