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Novelle: The narcissistic president of a country wakes up and finds himself locked up in a makeshift prison cell. Isolated and confused, he reflects on the bizarre event that led to his kidnapping during a press conference.

Using highly advanced digital manipulation and surveillance techniques, he was on the verge of instating a totalitarian regime, wielding supreme power to himself. Now he starts to discover that nothing in his life is as it seems.

Digital Sovereignty

The Digital Transformation has helped us as humans to advance. However, it is also rapidly leading us into the posthuman era. As a species we are not sufficiently ready for that. 

We are dependent on digital technology. This technology is currently managed and governed by only a few companies. The power to control all people lies in the hands of just a few individuals. This is rapidly leading to digital dictatorship.

History has told us over and over again what the perils are of dictatorship: abuse of power, surveillance of people and censorship. And this is what is unfolding right now.

I help organizations to keep their mission sovereign and consciously apply digital technology in their organizations.

About Me.

Hi. My name is Bertil Schaart. Years ago, I had created an external life that was perfectly accepted and even lauded by my environment.

Fortunately for me, all those years, my inner voice never ceased talking. It was speaking louder and louder, until it shouted so loud that I was finally able to really open my eyes and look at myself. My life, my work, it was all theater play. I was an actor with a script on the stage of my own life. I decided to take radical measures.

I learnt that I am entirely responsible for the happiness, success and meaning in my life. By quitting my job, I started a journey towards a complete new life. It was very painful. I dared to say goodbye to a very comfortable life that my ego desperately tried to cling onto. I died a little on the inside. It also brought new life with a new mindset at the same time.

Most business decisions are made from existing doctrine, resulting only in limited local incremental progress. To truly have impact, decisions need to be taken from a transcending multidimensional perspective.

I hold a Master of Science degree of Delft University of Technology and an MBA degree from INSEAD.

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They Say

"Bertil is someone who looks for the essence in experiences, people and in business. He has a very positive and practical outlook on life while at the same time is not afraid to take risks. He is a friendly rebel with a cause, a person with a longing for truth and authenticity and with his personality gives others the space to do the same. I’m so happy our paths crossed and it’s a true joy to work with him."

Peter Vermeiren

Breath of Freedom

"Bertil spoke at the Trend Talk session for the ROC Mondriaan about the future of work and personal leadership. Thanks to his vision, knowledge and letting us experience the true meaning of personal leadership, it was an inspiring and successful session."

Jet van den Hoek

ROC Monriaan