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Bertil Schaart is speaker and author in the field of ​Conscious Leadership, connecting leaders with their strategic purpose.


​Bertil speaks about Conscious Leadership. He inspires to take one’s responsibility​, revealing hidden social dogmas that limit thinking and action.


​Author of The Forbidden Word, Your Last 100 Days, The Best Idea for Your New Company. Currently writing The Radical Change (working title)

Clarity in Crisis

When conventional thinking fails. A powerful and fundamentally different approach to solving business crises.


​​​​Radically improve your ​personal and professional potential. ​Expand your mental context, ​create new possibilities and power as a conscious leader.

Think, Do, Learn and Grow

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Friendly Rebel with a Cause

Bertil is someone who looks for the essence in experiences, people and in business. He has a very positive and practical outlook on life while at the same time is not afraid to take risks. He is a friendly rebel with a cause, a person with a longing for truth and authenticity and with his personality gives others the space to do the same. I’m so happy our paths crossed and it’s a true joy to work with him.

Peter Vermeiren Breath of Freedom

Personal Leadership

Bertil spoke at the Trend Talk session for the ROC Mondriaan about the future of work and personal leadership. Thanks to his vision, knowledge and letting us experience the true meaning of personal leadership, it was an inspiring and successful session.

Jet van den Hoek ROC Mondriaan

​Cover photo made by Pat Gaines under Creative Commons license.


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