​We live in a confusing world. Our way of living is predominantly prescribed by things we ​need to do according to society. ​We feel obliged to behave in a certain way ​all in order to be a good global citizens

However, nowhere is described what that is or what it means. At the same time, we, as humanity, do not really possess a great track record of success in that arena. We do not seem to learn much from our past and history repeats itself again and again and again.

Hence, as a result, we waste a lot of time, effort and precious resources. In short, we waste our lives.​ ​It keeps society ​so busy, that we hardly have time to think about. ​We experience only short lived moments of happiness when we comply successfully to one of the many unwritten rules. This way, by lack of any alternative, we devise merely a way to survive till our last day ​on this planet.​ ​

Yet, sooner of later, you come to a point where you question everything that you do in our live. If you are at this point and would like to discover how to proceed from here, please read on​.

What Is My Mentorship?

I define mentoring as partnering in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment. ​This process helps you to ​radically improve your outlook on work and life, while improving your leadership skills and unlocking your potential.

Who Is ​Mentorship For?

​It is important to understand the difference between mentorship and coaching. I make the distinction as follows: a coach asks provocative ​questions, but ​will never directly tell the individual what to do. A mentor asks the same ​questions, allows for reflection, but does give direction on what to do. Reflection ​is ​important, but I strongly believe the action component is key in successful self transformation.​ By sharing my experience and network, the client will accelerate her of his growth.

​Where Do ​Mentor Sessions Take Place?

​Mentoring can happen from anywhere, as long as there is a good internet connection and time differences have been taken into account. This online approach means that you can be on the move and still receive the benefits of ​mentoring anywhere, anytime, and in the comfort of your own space.

Getting Started

As your professional ​mentor I am an active thinking partner and fully committed to supporting you and your agenda. You will set and develop that agenda by being inspired by the process and the discovery that comes with it.

Contact me

Please contact me to set up a free call and explore what’s possible for you through our ​mentoring conversations. I offer a free introductory call, after which you can decide whether ​​this is for you​.

Choose a package that suits you

Sessions are 45 minutes each and can be purchased in packages of 3, 6 or 8 sessions, to be scheduled at your own speed. We can discuss the right package for you during our introductory call, after which I will send you a coaching contract to sign. I will also send a pre-​mentoring questionnaire for you to fill in. You would need to pay 100% of the package price in advance. We can start the coaching sessions once I have received your full payment.

Ready to go!

Scheduled ​mentoring sessions happen using a simple online platform such as Skype or Zoom. All you need is a computer (some smartphones also suffice), a headset and an internet connection and we are ready to go. Make sure that you are in a quiet space so that you can get he most out of your coaching session. I will send you a link to join the session ​and we’ll work together! Everything we discuss is fully confidential. I will send you the ​notes after each session.