September 21


Poem: dear Moon

Dear Moon

As I look up in the sky
I feel mightily shy
for asking this one word question:

Why, dear Moon

Are you always facing us the same side
and leave your back to hide

Why, dear Moon

do you keep my mind so twirled
by being so much older than our world

Why, dear Moon

is it that, seen from my eyes
you and the Sun have the exact same size

Why, dear Moon

my wonder is on the grow
according to scientists, you should be hollow

Why, dear Moon

another curiosity that I found
is that your orbit is perfectly round

But still, dear Moon

there is only one answer that I seek
about your majestic mystique

please set me free
from the biggest wonder that I carry:

Why, dear Moon

is that when I asked people more than once
they kept insisting, it is all just a coincidence…


dear moon, poem

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