March 19


The chance of a lifetime

Over the past weeks, I have researched the definition of Conscious Leadership. I have seen all kinds of descriptions, but not satisfactory. Therefore, I created my own definition. Still, I felt something essential was missing. I couldn’t figure out what it was. Now, with the world in a rapidly expanding crisis, I exactly know what was missing. It is the sense of urgency. It is the chance of a lifetime. Now is the time!

Now is the time

1. Now is the time to be courageous

Reveal your true self without fear of judgement. Courage will drive and guide your decision-making.

2. Now is the time to be authentic

Admit you are not perfect. Your vulnerability inspires others to be authentic too.

3. Now is the time to be self aware

Reflect on your thoughts, feelings, motivations and fears. Ask yourself why you have these.

4. Now is the time to be responsible

Address problems, provide support and commit to work in the best interests of Life.

5. Now is the time to be compassionate

Be sensitive to the emotional context of others and maintain a kind and peaceful disposition.

6. Now is the time to be curious

Be open and eager to learn ideas that may be contrary to yours. It inspires creativity and experimentation.

7. Now is the time to be reliable

Build trust by keeping commitments and by doing the right thing, under any circumstances.

8. Now is the time to be selfless

Be the leader who gives people the confidence to be their own leader.


chance of a lifetime, now is the time

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