October 18


Are you a Psychopath?

How do we think? Why do we make certain decisions? Can feelings prevail the utilitarian choice?

In my investigation I found this great video, “Are you a Psychopath?“. I have actually used this test in trainings, where my point was to demonstrate that we are not rational thinkers. The audience did not like the test, because it is quite disturbing.

Since, I have used different ways to proof my point. Yet the test remains highly interesting and as Kevin Dutton points out, psychopathic traits are pretty well represented in politicians and world leaders. They are faced with tremendous dilemmas on a daily basis. They have to be pretty confident to run for office at all. They have to be very good at presenting themselves in a certain light. And they have to be very persuasive and manipulative.

Are you a Psychopath?

This other video further builds on the previous point:


are you a psychopath

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