February 23


Do not Regret your Past

One of the most ardent mental blocks are thoughts about our past. We contemplate on the things that did not go well. We regret taking certain action or we regret not taking certain action. A lot of precious mental time and energy thereby is wasted in useless and vain regret.

We feel often sorry for ourselves. We keep narrating the same history to ourselves, justifying our own actions of the past. In the end, it is also nothing more than a disguise of regret. If we had known better, if we had been better, if we had done better, it would not have never resulted in where we are today.

This regret is killing our spirit and impedes our personal development. According to W.Q. Judge, there is a Hindu maxim stating:

“Regret nothing; never be sorry; and cut all doubts with the sword of spiritual knowledge.”

The past is literally the past. If you keep dwelling in it, nothing is going to chance in your Now and therefore your future will be similar to your past. Action lies in the Now. If you think of the past, we forget about the present. The moments fly by, making more past.

The past, the present and the future are all contained in the Now. The past is operating now. The future is shaped by the present. Circumstances change and so the past is modified. The future is what happens now. What you do now matters much more than what you will do tomorrow.

Apologize if it helps you to close that chapter of your life. Make right what you did wrong, if you feel you should. But do it immediately and then forget about it. There is no time for you to live in regret.

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