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Poem: Dear Child

poem dear child

Dear Child

I am very sorry
We told you not to worry

It has been now an entire year
That we adults live in constant fear

You wisely ask what is so bad about dying
That we delude ourselves by its denying

You ask if we prefer not to live life at all
Incarcerated by the fright that did us befall

Polarized, we are in such devious strife
We can’t possibly live a sustainable life

Please show to us, adult women and men
How it is to behave responsibly again

That we should really listen and care
About others and the ideas they share

Dear child, it is now upon you that I call
Please take over the control

Let your divine and youthful light
Guide us out this dark night

So we leave this history behind
Compassion and empathy in our mind

Entering what we always dreamt of
A world of love.

February 2021
Poem inspired by questions of my children about the Covid-19 world event


child, dear child, poem

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