Greed is good, after all

greed is good

Greed is good. Those were the literal words of my finance professor. My heart protested. My heart strongly disagreed. But my mind overruled: “This is how business is done, so greed is good“. Not surprisingly. I had spent all my savings on this expensive business school education with a single purpose: to learn how business […]

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When the mental chatter stops

With some hesitation I walked up the hill. I was very curious this see where this would lead me. Would I get the clarity that I so desperately was looking for? Would this resort help me to finally put an end to my suffering? The intense joy of freedom that I experienced when I quit […]

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Are you a Psychopath?

are you a psychopath

How do we think? Why do we make certain decisions? Can feelings prevail the utilitarian choice? In my investigation I found this great video, “Are you a Psychopath?“. I have actually used this test in trainings, where my point was to demonstrate that we are not rational thinkers. The audience did not like the test, […]

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How to deal with non-conformist behaviour

non conformist behaviour

Very interesting view on how to deal with non-conformist behaviour. The lack of enforcement of traffic laws on bicyclists in Amsterdam creates a city transport system that actually works. A parallel is drawn with a similar policy towards soft drugs in Amsterdam. By providing the rules of what one should and should not AND by […]

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Follow your worst nightmare!

follow your dreams

Don’t follow your dream. Follow your biggest nightmare! Follow your dreams. Listen to your heart. These short phrases contain a lot of wisdom. Yet, people struggle with them as well. How do you find your passion? What are your dreams?

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Why your life doesn´t matter

meaning of life

When confronted with images of war, we feel bad. It is hard to wrap your mind around how the world can be so cruel and mean. When we see young kittens frolicking around, we feel good. With these two opposing images, it is difficult to accept that there is no such thing as good or […]

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Gurdjieff versus Ouspensky

After reading several books of Gurdjieff and just one book of Ouspensky, I suddenly had this, not so flattering, thought: Gurdjieff is to Ouspensky what Papa Smurf is to Brainy Smurf. I feel some intuitive understanding of and connection to Gurdjieff. His books contain a lot of humour and should be read with the mental […]

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We have fortunately come to a time where it is more important to be able to make a decision and to actually make that decision than what the decision is itself. Bertil Schaart

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My Manifesto

The Forbidden Word – manifesto I have written this manifesto a while ago, but I never wanted (dared?) to publish it. Its title reveals a lot. It is about The Forbidden Word. A word we all very well know deep inside. A word that represents something unbelievably powerful and limitless. But also a word that […]

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