Gurdjieff versus Ouspensky

After reading several books of Gurdjieff and just one book of Ouspensky, I suddenly had this, not so flattering, thought: Gurdjieff is to Ouspensky what Papa Smurf is to Brainy Smurf. I feel some intuitive understanding of and connection to Gurdjieff. His books contain a lot of humour and should be read with the mental […]

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We have fortunately come to a time where it is more important to be able to make a decision and to actually make that decision than what the decision is itself. Bertil Schaart

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My Manifesto

The Forbidden Word – manifesto I have written this manifesto a while ago, but I never wanted (dared?) to publish it. Its title reveals a lot. It is about The Forbidden Word. A word we all very well know deep inside. A word that represents something unbelievably powerful and limitless. But also a word that […]

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