Know Thyself to Master Thy Life

know thyself

What is life? The eternal question, pondered over by numerous philosophers and spiritual leaders and yet to be answered in an all encompassing and satisfactory way. A related question is: how do we experience life? That is fortunately much easier to answer. Everything that we do, that we see, that we feel, is all sensations. […]

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Breaking free to surrender again

free elephant

Long time ago, as ignorant Western tourist, I was sitting on the back of an elephant in the jungle of Thailand. I as on a jungle trekking tour. Sitting on the neck of the elephant was a small boy, wielding a little axe. The boy hit the head of the elephant at times to remind […]

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Poem: Praying to the corporate god

praying to the corporate god

Praying to the corporate god On an early sunny Monday morning On the square before the prodigious temple The neophytes assembled chanting the company’s paean All coveting to become hierophants exalting Jacob’s career ladder Subjugating to the corporate rites their soul’s voice abdicated Proselytizing the mentally vagrants subterfuge no stranger to them ‘T is nothing […]

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Poem: dear Moon

dear moon

Dear Moon As I look up in the sky I feel mightily shy for asking this one word question: Why? Why, dear Moon Are you always facing us the same side and leave your back to hide Why, dear Moon do you keep my mind so twirled by being so much older than our world […]

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How do we get to clarity? by David Allen

clear sky

How do we get clarity? David Allen talks about how we as humans need to stop using our heads as an office. He explains why it works to use a simple methodology to cut through the chaos. David Allen is the author of the international bestseller Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

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“At a point in history when we most need clarity, it appears to be in shorter and shorter supply…” And so we try to compensate, as individuals and as organizations. We experiment with new techniques and methods. They seem to work and we think we’re back in control. But then we somehow lose the momentum […]

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Lost for words

lost for words

When you speak multiple languages, you know that certain words simply cannot be translated. Sometimes, you are lost for words. For example, I live in Amsterdam and the word “gezellig” has no equivalent in any other language. Its meaning includes everything from cosy to friendly, from comfortable to relaxing, and from enjoyable to gregarious. Every […]

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Sensemaking Masterclass

Does it make sense?

Sensemaking is the ability to make sense of an ambiguous situation. It is the process of creating situational awareness and understanding in situations of high complexity or uncertainty in order to make decisions. Join this free Sensemaking Masterclass.

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